Modo 701 Intermediate Seminar

  1. Artists with some 3D skills (could be new to modo)

  2. Advanced Students

  3. Modo users with solid experience looking to take their skills to the next level

  1. Basic understanding of 3D

  2. Some knowledge of Modo preferred but free intro training is available to artists moving from other packages.

  3. Computer with copy of Modo (may use free trial version)

Class size is limited!

What you will learn:


This class will allow beginner to intermediate users to gain firm understanding of the more advanced tools in modo. Students will gain an understanding of how to create 3D for visual effects, games, visualization and other fields. All sessions are recorded in HD for your later reference!


  1. Advanced Polygon and SubD modeling

  2. Sculpting & Retopo workflow

  3. Advanced Texturing

  4. Texture painting

  5. Matte painting in Modo

  6. Photogrametry

  7. Replicators

  8. Fur & hair

  9. Using and creating presets

  10. Complex animation

  11. And more!